Eternal Entity
Book 1 of The Celestial Rose series.


Who or what is Taylor Lane?
Most people go through life unaware of the war between light and dark raging just beyond their field of vision. They live blissful, ordinary lives, but that is a luxury Taylor will never have. With a single birthday wish, she is thrown into a war between Eve’s angels and Lilith’s demons.

Bestowed with the magical ability to control light and adorned with the sight of supernatural races, Taylor is forced to fight for her own survival. Then Lucian, her shadowy protector, enters her life and heart. But there’s something dark inside of him: he’s a vampire, the original Dark One.

With her mother murdered and a hideous beast out for her blood, Taylor has no choice but to put her faith in Lucian and go to war as she tries to unravel the mystery of who she truly is.

Eternal Creation
Book 2 of The Celestial Rose series.

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In the war between darkness and light, everyone has a shade of gray.

Taylor Lane knows who she is and what she’s meant to do. As the creator of humanity, it’s her task to stop her sister Lilith before she goes through with her quest for vengeance. If she doesn’t, humankind will be annihilated. Her best bet to stop Lilith is to secure the celestial rose, the source of all light, but Lilith won’t give up the fight easily.

When Taylor has to choose between saving her love Lucian and fighting Lilith and the darkness that threatens to overtake the world, her destiny becomes the hardest choice she will ever have to make.

Can Taylor save both her lover and the world? Or will she have to sacrifice one to save the other?

Eternal Devastation
Book 3 of The Celestial Rose series.

Taylor lost the battle but has she lost the war?
Thrown into the abyss of the obsidian mirror, Taylor is sidelined while the war rages on. Lucian’s final screams plague her, but she doesn’t have time to grieve. She has to prepare for bloodshed and gear up to fight for all she believes in.
With her mother by her side and new life to protect, she quests to get home and save the world before Lilith carries out her final plan. No quest is ever as straightforward as it seems, and the obsidian mirror holds many secrets and surprises.
With her parents reunited, Taylor has the ultimate battle to fight, but is she ready to meet her maker? Can Taylor find her way back to Earth in time to save it? Is Lucian truly lost to her? Or will the obsidian mirror lead to Eternal Devastation after all?

Eternal Ending
Book 4 of The Celestial Rose series.

The final book.

There is no time to grieve in Hell.

Just when Taylor thought she had a grip on her spiralled life, she was thrown through another loop. With the universe conspiring against her, she must embrace the darkest version of herself, as she rides high on the breath of fury, to fight for freedom, love, and her family. It falls to her to strengthen and control the light before it’s too late… the future of Elysium depends on it.

Can Taylor save her newborn children? Can she survive long enough to defy God? Or will He destroy all she’s ever loved? Find out in the final part of The Celestial Rose quadrilogy.