Stake Sandwich is out this month!

It’s out this month!

Stake Sandwich is the first in a new series; The Shop Series. It’s part of a collection of books, brought out every day in January. That’s 31 new authors to check out! To have a look, search for “the sandwich shop” on Amazon. This month, all books will have a sandwich shop in common, and for Layla Stone, it’s the shop her parents own, as a front for their hunting lifestyle.

You see, Layla Stone is a vampire hunter, her whole family are. 

Here’s the blurb:

Layla must make a choice between saving the one she loves or saving humanity.

Imagine the morning sunrise, the soft dew cascading over another body, entangling itself in the rotting corpse. Another victim drained of blood. Another family grieving today. Since Strauss came to town, the bodies keep piling up.

For Layla Stone, hunting vampires isn’t just a hobby, it’s her birthright. As part of an intricate society of hunters, Layla lives for fighting the dead. That is, until she meets Christian, her sexy saviour, and a vampire with a conscience.

Through love and lust, Layla Stone meets her match. But by destroying the city’s major threat, she will also kill her lover. Can she do this? Will she?

Find out in Stake Sandwich, Book 1 of the Shop series.

All pre-orders are only 0.99!

Get yourself a copy here:

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