Stake Sandwich Preorder

Yay Stake Sandwich is out on preorder! ❤️❤️❤️

Hunt or be hunted?
That’s the question Layla asks herself on a daily basis.
As a kick ass vampire hunter, this teen has had her fair share of fights; but to take down the one and only Strauss is the reason Layla Stone gets up in the morning.

Strauss is an original vampire and the most screwed up one out there. He had already taken down half of the vampire hunters, and now Layla needs to end him once and for all.

However, there’s one problem… her new love interest Christian is a vampire with a soul. If she takes Strauss out, she’ll destroy Christian in the process. The problem is, Christian wants to die, he can’t continue living through the nightmares that plague him.

Is Layla strong enough to kill Strauss and lose any chance she has with Christian? Or will she find another way, and save Christian’s soul in the process?

Find out in Stake Sandwich, A Sandwich Shop Novella.

Grab your copy now 🥰



Stake Sandwich

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