So what’s next?

Did you ever hear the tale of the hitchhiker? It’s the story told around the campfire, the chilling tale reminding you never to talk to strangers. Well, if you didn’t you missed out, perhaps it was part of my own childhood, lost in translation and never retold. Perhaps it could be retold, strengthening the message of strangers in the night.

Have you ever sat there pondering as a thousand thoughts whizzed through your mind? A mind made up of a library of memories, all shelved and ready to be opened. Which book should I take? Which path will I follow? Perhaps the next path will lead me to write my next book, then the one after that collecting a series of events that unfold dreaming into one another. It would be harmonious, a symphony of magic and realism. The spark of an idea, the start of a story, it’s creation in its purest form… beautiful, immaculate creation.

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