Hack your writing – Book Review

Hack Your Writing: Seven Search Function Fixes That Instantly Elevate Your ManuscriptHack Your Writing: Seven Search Function Fixes That Instantly Elevate Your Manuscript by May Dawney

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Hack your Writing is an excellent guide for any author that wants to polish their writing and learn how to self-edit.

When I began writing, I asked advice from other authors on the structure with story arcs, dialogue and point of view. This book has compiled all of that information in one easy to understand guide. I just wish she’d written it sooner 😉

The author talks you through how to cut out dialogue tags, show versus tell, cutting out the passive player, bypassing the vain poet, diminishing the hungry narrator and removing flashbacks. All which help to polish your manuscript ready to send out for publication.
I particularly enjoyed the chapter on the vain poet. I’m a dab hand at beautifying something that should be simplistic. As the author said, a lot of the time it takes the reader away from the story, drawing them out of the character’s headspace. This is something I plan on working on in my next novel.

Finally, the chapter that details the hungry narrator, the cousin to the vain poet, is excellent. It’s a particular area I always find difficult. I want the reader to see exactly what I see, so end up writing in-depth descriptions in the first draft. Then when the second draft comes along, I finalize by shredding half of my manuscript and removing the fluff. Hopefully, I’ll spot these in the future and write a first draft that requires minimal editing!

It’s an excellent resource, well worth the investment and one I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend!

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