Lucians description of a Shadeling

Lucian’s description of the shadelings, supernatural beings that were once Dark Ones (vampires):
“They had taken on the shape of a darker form of humanity, one that terrified children in their sleep. The monster under the bed, so to speak. They feared no one and nothing. They were hunters in the night, nocturnal creatures with no emotion. They ripped through humanity one by one and nothing could stop them but themselves. They were powerful, very powerful, and as a child of Lilith’s, they eventually embraced their true nature. Because of that, they lived with an abundance of riches, taking anything, they desired, including mortals as slaves and pets. They saw humans as below them, a toy to play with. But over the years they grew tired of humanity and took to killing their slaves, feasting on their dead corpses with a craving so deep it destroyed them.”

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