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The Celestial Rose Book 1

Release Date: 2/12/18

Dark, emotional, and riveting!

Eternal Entity is a supernatural thriller with a difference, it breaks the fourth wall

An innocent birthday cake, a simple wish, and everything changed. Bestowed with the magical ability to control light, and adorned with the sight of supernatural races, she’s a target, fighting for her own survival from the darkness that threatens it.

Falling in love isn’t always easy, especially when your lover is long dead. Taylor meets Lucian, her shadowy protector. But there’s something dark inside of him. He’s a vampire, a vampire with a difference, he’s the original Dark One.

With her mother murdered, and a hideous beast hunting her, Taylor realises she has stumbled into an invisible war between light and dark. Eve’s angels versus Lilith’s demons. A war in which she has the ultimate role to play.
But who or what is Taylor Lane?

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From Chapter Four:
“A meandering fog trickled through the windows above as the temperature dropped dramatically. At the end of the corridor, the outer doors flung open. A gush of wind stormed through the building at such a speed, as if to escape the looming horror that lay in wait outside. I shivered, breathing heavy, my hair wavered, sheltering me from the severity of the typhoon of leaves before me. They mesmerised me as they danced. When they reached me, they created a symphony of colours swarming around my legs, up and over my body. Hypnotised by their colourful motion I smiled, drawn forward like a magnet towards its pole. It was beautiful, like rainbows of unicorns and candy floss. Feeling the warmth of love flow through my body, I stood captured by their dance.

Then it came, a shrilling scream unlike no other. My mind no longer lived in such a happy place. Instead, it froze as the drill of fear pulsated through my veins. Rushing for cover, struggling for breath, a lump formed in my throat. I gasped for air, shivering uncontrollably. Something was wrong, badly wrong. It was fight or flight all over again and all I could do was run and hide. Clutching my arms around my chest, burying my head, I whimpered like a child, waiting for the banshee’s wail to end.”

Lucians description on the shadelings, supernatural beings that were once Dark Ones (vampires):
“They had taken on the shape of a darker form of humanity, one that terrified children in their sleep. The monster under the bed, so to speak. They feared no one and nothing. They were hunters in the night, nocturnal creatures with no emotion. They ripped through humanity one by one and nothing could stop them but themselves. They were powerful, very powerful, and as a child of Lilith’s, they eventually embraced their true nature. Because of that, they lived with an abundance of riches, taking anything, they desired, including mortals as slaves and pets. They saw humans as below them, a toy to play with. But over the years they grew tired of humanity and took to killing their slaves, feasting on their dead corpses with a craving so deep it destroyed them.”

A paragraph from the York Femme Fatale chapter, with the violinist playing as she dances:
“Devoted to his cause, a tear glistened in the eye of every spectator, blissfully admiring the sudden softness of the music as a young lady swirled out from behind him. She danced alluringly, captivating the audience with her silk skirt circling her body as she submissively moved to every classical piece. Her golden top sparkled in the light, and her supple body flexed in desire of every note played. Her hair gleamed with trellises of blond and copper, bouncing as she sprang into step. Her delicate figure gave in gracefully to the music, with each note bellowing out through her skin. It was as though the song became her, reaching out, calling her name.”

A teaser from the ending. His name has been changed to X, to prevent any more spoilers!
“X screamed a death defying, blood curdling scream, one that will remain embedded into time itself, relived for an eternity through the memories of those close. He had grown claws out of his hands. Blood flowed freely from within him as his body arched and contorted. Fighting the Beast was no longer an option. I needed to give X my life force, quickly. It had to happen immediately, he didn’t have much time left.”

About the Author:

Annalee Adams was born in Ashby de la Zouch, England. She began The Celestial Rose series while at the University of Derby.  Annalee spent much of her childhood engrossed in fictional stories, living in an imaginary realm of beauty and trepidation.

Annalee wrote her first published piece, a poem, as a teenager in high school. After which her short story about a werewolf on the Yorkshire moors was published in the college newspaper. Since then she continued to write for her own pleasure until her first book ‘Eternal Entity’ was released.

Annalee Adams lives in the UK with her supportive husband, two fantastic children, little dog, and kitten. She’s a lover of long walks on the beach, strong cups of tea and reading a good book by candlelight.


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