Eternal Entity Teaser

From Chapter Four:
“A meandering fog trickled through the windows above as the temperature dropped dramatically. At the end of the corridor the outer doors flung open. A gush of wind stormed through the building at such a speed, as if to escape the looming horror that lay in wait outside. I shivered, breathing heavy, my hair wavered, sheltering me from the severity of the typhoon of leaves before me. They mesmerised me as they danced. When they reached me, they created a symphony of colours swarming around my legs, up and over my body. Hypnotised by their colourful motion I smiled, drawn forward like a magnet towards its pole. It was beautiful, like rainbows of unicorns and candy floss. Feeling the warmth of love flow through my body, I stood captured by their dance.
Then it came, a shrilling scream unlike no other. My mind no longer lived in such a happy place. Instead, it froze as the drill of fear pulsated through my veins. Rushing for cover, struggling for breath, a lump formed in my throat. I gasped for air, shivering uncontrollably. Something was wrong, badly wrong. It was fight or flight all over again and all I could do was run and hide. Clutching my arms around my chest, burying my head, I whimpered like a child, waiting for the banshee’s wail to end.”
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