The face of fire

Here’s a sneak peek at part of the action from book one, chapter one:

“The train shone with an intense heat as the walls of the station blistered. A powerful bolt of fire shrieked across the walls, hues of red, yellow, and orange intertwined as it scorched the air in such an angry, yet triumphant, way. The face of fire screamed, leaping across each person on the platform. It showed no mercy. The station turned into a scene from an old zombie film, half scorched corpses scratching around trying to get into the carriage, to escape the blazing inferno.”


Annalee Adams was born in Ashby de la Zouch, England. She began The Celestial Rose series while at the University of Derby. Annalee spent much of her childhood engrossed in fictional stories. Starting with teenage point horror stories and moving on up to the works of Stephen King and Dean Koontz. However, her all-time favorite book is Lewis Carrolls, Alice in Wonderland. Which explains her mindset quite well. Annalee wrote her first published piece, a poem, as a teenager in high school. After which her short story about a werewolf on the Yorkshire moors was published in the college newspaper. Since then she continued to write for her own pleasure until her first book ‘Eternal Entity’ was released, with the final book in the series due out on October 19th, 2018. Annalee Adams lives in the UK with her supportive husband, two fantastic children, little dog, and kitten. She’s a lover of long walks on the beach, strong cups of tea and reading a good book by candlelight. Find out more at: Twitter: Facebook:

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