Eternal Entity

An innocent birthday cake, a simple wish, and everything changed.With eyes wide open Taylor enters the realm of the supernatural, fighting for her own survival from the darkness that threatens it. Stumbling into an invisible war between angels and demons, she has the ultimate role to play. But who or what is Taylor Lane? Eternal … Continue reading Eternal Entity

Eternal Entity – Book One Blurb

Taylor Lane's traditional birthday celebration went as it always did every year, until the world exploded and opened her eyes to something no one else could see. Or so she thought. An innocent birthday cake, a simple wish, and everything changed. Bestowed with the ability to control light, and adorned with the sight of supernatural … Continue reading Eternal Entity – Book One Blurb


Questions for Annalee Thank you for all your questions, here are some of the responses: 1. Are Taylor, Lucian and the rest of the characters based on real-life people? Each character has been created to fit the story. However, some of the characters have been loosely¬†based on friends and family in my life. Sometimes they … Continue reading FAQ