I’ve only gone and set it up!

Yes, that’s right, I’m now on Patreon!  It’s full of bonus content, eBooks, signed copies, exclusive merchandise and so much more! Do you fancy being one of five people that can name my next character? You can do... and you can also have your name published in one of my books! It’s all on Patreon, … Continue reading I’ve only gone and set it up!

Enchantment by Tanya Dawson

I purchased this this morning and have sat reading it all day. It’s the first of Tanya Dawson’s books that I’ve read, and I must say… she’s gained another fan! It was a beautiful fast paced story that combined the romance and love triangle of Twilight, with the fantasy in factions like The Divergent series. … Continue reading Enchantment by Tanya Dawson